WHAT ARE YOUR COLORS?  Shades of purple and grey, with some fun summery flowers.   WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT?  The honeymoon? Just kidding (sort of)! We're very excited to have all of our friends and family together in one place for a weekend of love, celebration, and fun! And food. Definitely food.   WHERE ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?  The Foundry at Puritan Mill.   WHAT IS YOUR SOMETHING BLUE?  I don't have anything blue yet. I'll add that to the to do list...   WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE THING ABOUT YOUR WEDDING?   We're including some Georgia staples in our wedding, such as local beers, a BBQ dinner station, and a classic Atlanta dessert. We love living in Atlanta and want to celebrate the state where we met and have made our home.   WHERE DID YOU MEET YOUR FIANCÉ?   We met as freshmen at Emory University, where the housing gods assigned us to live on the same dorm hall. Good friends throughout college, we started dating soon after graduation and have never looked back :)
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