WHAT ARE YOUR COLORS?  I went to Lowe's at my mom's request and got paint chips that are called blue seagrass, march breeze, berry cream, academy gray, and western sandstone.  WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT?  We've been long distance our entire relationship, so I'd say we are looking forward to not feeling like we're on a clock when we're visiting each other and no more goodbyes.  WHERE ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?  We are getting married in Kimball, TN, thirty miles outside of Chattanooga.   WHAT IS YOUR SOMETHING BLUE?  I'm not super traditional so the only thing that I have right now is something borrowed, which is a fur stole that my sister wore for her wedding.  WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE THING ABOUT YOUR WEDDING?  Something unique about our wedding is the structure of events. We are having a very small ceremony on Friday to be married with just our families and a few friends witnessing, and then will have a larger community commitment ceremony on Saturday.   WHERE DID YOU MEET YOUR FIANCÉ?  Donald and I met in Austin, TX, in March 2017. We were each visiting our best friends from college at the same time, and... they happen to be dating each other!
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