NOLA | Part I

Written by Amanda Lankford

All images by Natalie Jackson of  Four Corners Photography

All images by Natalie Jackson of Four Corners Photography

This amazing city is truly one of a kind, and every time I visit I learn something new about the history or find another fabulous spot that I haven't seen before. For example, this FABULOUS venue above called Race & Religious is located right off of Tchopatulous, and in the palm trees that surround it live parrots. Yes, I said parrots. They escaped the zoo during Hurricane Katrina and made these palm trees their new home. I find their sound to be so beautiful when I visit,  always reminding me of this great city and how hard it might have been during that difficult time.

This is Part I of my travels to New Orleans, and a little sneak peak of the amazingly beautiful photo shoot that I had the pleasure of putting together with a truly talented group of wedding industry creatives.  I traveled with my gal pal, Natalie of Four Corners Photography again - (same gal from Seattle), and this time we barely had time to eat let alone capture our travels around town. This trip was definitely more about business than pleasure, but we both love what we do so we can consider it both right? 

Why New Orleans, you ask? Well, because it has both my husband and I's heart. Each time we visit, Michael just seems to come alive and feels at home. It might be the music, the rich history, or maybe a little bit of everything (maybe not the weather though - you all thought Atlanta was hot! hah). Not only do we love the city personally but for AJF+D it offers a whole new world of florals and design. The wedding venues in New Orleans are truly amazing and have so much history and character - not to say that we don't love the venues here in Atlanta, but they are just a whole different ball game.  We are planning to travel with the kiddos next so they can understand as well. It's so hard to explain the beauty and character that NOLA offers, so if you've never visited you just need to go. Oh, and take us with you!

new orleans florist
new orleans florist
New Orleans wedding
New Orleans Wedding
Race and Religious
Race and Religious

Pause....Story time! Natalie and I met Anne Timms of Anne Timms Makeup Artistry in Seattle for our four shoots that we did on the West Coast back in March. This shoot is because of her. She asked us if we wanted to go to New Orleans and "do something fun" while sitting in a hunters lodge literally on the edge of the USA with a beer in hand. Little did she know that within a week AJF+D was about to launch in NOLA. This very story is why I love what I do, because I get the opportunity to meet so many great people around the world. Thank you Anne for the hospitality, beauty and crawfish boil! :P

New Orleans Wedding
New Orleans florist

Here are a few snippets of what our trip looked like:

1. As soon as we landed it was GO time.

2. Natalie was in charge of our lunch on Day 1 and she brought back a bag of skittles, sour patch kids, a big bag of plain Lays chips, gum and a Diet Coke. She is no longer in charge of lunch, like ever.

3. I split my pants while styling the ceremony shot. (No change of clothes until hours later)

4. We had to call "Hot Jeremy" four times to get the 1800 year old door open to our AirBnb (twice it was pouring down rain)

5. Dinner 2, Natalie and I ordered the exact same thing without even knowing it. Best beet pizza ever at Red Dog Cafe! PLEASE put this place on your list.

6. I UGLY cried during the Kinfolk Jazz Band debut.---more on that for Part II

7. Was part of my very first Crawfish Boil. Thank you Anne and mom for making fried oysters!

8. I walked the streets of Magazine (closer to Uptown) super early in the morning seeking magnolia blooms and it was the most amazing solo walk I have ever been on. So peaceful.

9. 3 days without a shower. Yep - real life.

10. Doberge cake is the best cake around (originates in New Orleans). -- Try it at Bakery Bar. Yes, cake and a bar. Thats right.