2018 Workshops

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Image by Dash Photography

2018 Workshops

Our workshops started over three years ago and they bring so much joy to us! We host workshops because it brings the community together and teaches people how to be creative. I can't count how many times that I hear, "I am not creative", or "I don't have a creative bone in my body" (this ones a keeper :P). BUT every single time they leave our workshop they have confidence that they CAN be creative. 

I am 100% self taught so I have a need to teach others my craft because it is so much fun and very unique to be able to create something from your own hands. It is incredibly rewarding! Follow along on our instagram and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our workshop release dates. We have some fun new surprises in store for you this year so you will want to be the first to know since we have decided to keep them much more intimate.


HEY! While I have you, can you answer a few questions for me so that we can make sure we offer the best of the best?!

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Greenhouse in the city

Way back in spring we came across a greenhouse in the middle of the city and of course Natalie and I were smitten.

Together we created something beautiful....

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atlanta wedding florist
atlanta florist
wedding florist
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atlanta florist

Floral + Design: Amanda Jewel Floral + Design | Makeup & Hair: Margaret Snider | Dress: Tara Lauren | Photography: Natalie Jackson with Four Corners Photography | Venue: Briarcliff Mansion Paper: Lairsey Paper Co. | Model: Shalinda Clarke | Textile: Silk & Willow

Donuts and magnolias

new orleans florist

New Orleans is truly magical and every corner has another surprise. Did you know that Magnolias are the state flower of Louisiana? These gorgeous beauts paired beautifully with this loving couple and the character and charm this city offers. Take a look at the simplicity of this shoot and the love this couple has for one another. 

P.S. I am now SO hungry for a donut, you?

new orleans florist
district donuts
new orleans florist

Floral + Design: Amanda Jewel Floral + Design | Makeup & Hair: Anne Timms | Dress: Town & Country Bridal | Photography: Four Corners Photography | Venue: District Donuts