WHAT ARE YOUR COLORS?  Gold, Sangria, Peach, Sage, and a very light blue-grey (you can thank Gregg for that last minute addition ;)  WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT?  Knowing that someone is (willingly) diving head first into my craziness for the rest of their life. In regards to the wedding though, the food!  WHERE ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?  The beautiful Pitot House on Bayou St. John.  WHAT IS YOUR SOMETHING BLUE?  Can I get away with saying the Bayou? Even though it's a very very off-color blue?  WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE THING ABOUT YOUR WEDDING?   The Pitot House itself is so unique. Not only is it the only open Creole Colonial country house in New Orleans, it was also home to James Pitot, the first mayor of New Orleans after incorporation, from 1810-1819. New Orleans celebrates it's tricentennial this year, so in a way, we get to incorporate that recognition of history and celebration into our own wedding.  WHERE DID YOU MEET YOUR FIANCÉ?   We met in New Orleans at the Delachaise through a mutual friend. I was visiting nola, before starting a job in DC. Didn't think we'd keep in touch after until he called AND left a voicemail. Suffice to say it was a game-changer.
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