Atlanta Wedding Floral Designer


Amanda Lankford

Creative Director + Owner


Hi. I am a friend, a good woman to a wonderful husband, a mother, a sister & a daughter, adorer of anything pink, dog lover, collector of too many scarves and a lover of all things sweet. Getting mail makes me happy, as do floral shops, the scent of baked cookies and homemade macaroni and cheese. I love my bed {perhaps a bit too much}, my main squeeze dressed up in a suit,  the sound of rain when it hits the roof and summer time with the windows down.

I am the owner and creative director of Amanda Jewel. You will always see me with flowers in hand and usually barefoot (yes, I am barefoot a lot) in the studio designing. I have over ten years of experience with designing. I learned it all by myself, no fancy school or anything like that. I firmly believe in relationships and enjoy being in this industry because I meet so many fascinating and beautiful people.

Yes, I am that gal on the side of the road that you see picking flowers. Wave “Hello" next time! 


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Director of Operations + Owner


I am a proud daddy and husband, a son, a brother, and a friend who appreciates slow relationships in a fast world. I love lenses and darkrooms, have a few too many books, and take pride in transforming ideas into reality with my hands and a few tools. I do my best to live a life of character and integrity for my family as a tribute to the men who showed me how to be one. I delight in simple things like lawn chairs, fireside chats, and big smiles on the faces of my little family. I am equally comfortable consulting in a suit or building installs with tattered shorts and an old hat, and entirely committed to the joy and success of a phenomenal woman.


Libby HoCkenberry

Lead Designer


Some would say I'm obsessive about plants and flowers - and they would be completely right about that. I probably get a little too excited about all the various types of greenery and blooms that nature has to offer, but how could you not! The endless textures and colors of nature inspire me every single day to create something beautiful. I love nothing more than handing a bride her bouquet on her wedding day and getting to witness the joy that washes over her face when she sees the creation before her. Creating beautiful things, especially ones that are so cherished on the most important day of most people's lives is truly a privilege, and one that I will never take for granted. When I'm not flowering at AJ F + D, you will more than likely find me in a plant store or farmers market trying to make a decision on what plant I should add to my home collection. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully sharing my obsession with flowers with you!!


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