Atlanta Florist

Amanda Lankford

Owner + Creative Director


Amanda, Creative Director and Owner of AJF+D, grew up on a farm spending her days barefoot (usually still is) picking flowers in the field and making flower crowns out of weeds. She discovered her passion for florals as a teenager when she worked as a delivery driver for a florist and experienced the joy flowers brought to clients. The best moment of her career thus far was moving into the studio. She loves having her own space to take care of and decorate for clients so they have a memorable client experience. 

When she’s not curating dream wedding designs with AJF+D clients, you'll find Amanda hanging with her sweet little family of four. She loves getting mail, the scent of baked cookies and homemade macaroni and cheese, her hubby donning a suit and summertime with the windows down.

Her best advice for soon-to-be newlyweds in the planning process: Listen to each other! You will get so many opinions, but just stay true to yourself (no matter what people say or what the tradition is) and do what you two want. Write down a list together that includes these wants and keep it handy throughout the process so you can refer back to ensure you stay on track.

Follow along with the AJF+D team @amandajewelfloraldesign.

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Business Coach


Co-Owner + Director of Operations


Michael is husband to Amanda + Co-Owner and Director of Operations of AJF+D. Through a combination of free labor and business consulting for a girl he was trying to impress, Michael happily dove head first into the industry. An entrepreneur at heart, business consultant and realtor, he’s equally comfortable consulting in a suit or building installs with tattered shorts and an old hat. 

His proudest moment of AJF+D so far: “I can’t say enough how proud I am of A and what she’s done with AJF+D. I think she minimizes it - maybe because it is the logical conclusion to hard work, sincerity, and talent - but I see so much more. I see a girl who grew up on a chicken farm outside of Athens, who didn’t have a single thing handed to her, who worked for everything she’s ever had. A girl who had a passion for florals and people, and worked incredibly hard to create something that supports them both without any investors or debt, as a testament to her little ones that sincerity, passion, and hard work are enough.”

For Michael, it’s all about delighting in the simple things, like lawn chairs, fireside chats, and big smiles on the faces of his family. He loves lenses and darkrooms, has a few too many books, and takes pride in transforming ideas into reality with his hands and a few tools. He’s passionate about woodworking, so he loves when couples choose to integrate wood elements into their design. And yes, he appreciates the full design process just as much as the ladies of AJF+D team saying, “A cohesive design that ties together an entire day of events is a beautiful thing that truly takes artistic vision and skilled hands.”

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Heather blackwell

Executive Assistant + Production Manager


Heather, Executive Assistant and Production Manager for AJF+D, brings a wealth of knowledge and design support to the team. When she got married in 2014, she fell in love with the industry and the AJF+D client experience. How Amanda valued customer service and building client relationships sold her on joining the AJF+D team. She plays a huge part in the admin aspect of the business, as well as works the events - helping the team with design, vendor relations and day-of logistics! 

Her best piece of advice for brides and grooms: Ignore everyone’s opinion. Because at the end of it all, it’s YOUR day to share with the ones you love, and you’ll be the ones who remember your special day forever.

When she's not dreaming up bespoke weddings with the AJF+D team, you'll find Heather spending quality family time with her sons + hubby. A romantic at heart, it's no surprise her favorite flower is the tulip! Tulips are known to symbolize perfect love, and the many hues of tulips each have different, inspirational, love themed meanings - red for true love, yellow for cheerful thoughts, white for newness and purity.